Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Our sweet little angel

Has turned into THIS...

We can't even sleep through the night anymore. We are up almost every hour trying to discover what he has knocked over or gotten into. Not only is it making me cranky and irritable from the lack of sleep, I am in constant fear that someone is breaking in our house.

The "CRASH... BANG... BOOM" has got to stop.

Are there any cat whisperers out there?


  1. When my cat gets feisty at night, I lock her in the den (where her food and litter are). Can you corral her into one room so she isn't all over the place?

  2. Haha my cat is constantly wanting attention in the middle of the night so she tries to lick my face while I'm sleeping. I would do what randall said because I do the opposite for my cat: Lock her out of my room!

  3. Haha, oh my goodness, that must be awful! Give her some cat nip... that seems to make them pretty lathargic :)

  4. Oh man! When I had a cat, he did the same thing!! They're so nocturnal. I would lock him out of the bedroom so at least I could sleep.

    Good luck!