Friday, June 24, 2011

Bachlorette Blunders

I have spent most of this season of The Bachelorette just wondering....

#1  Who is Ashley's stylist and why haven't they been fired yet?!

#2 WHY can't she SHUT UP about Bentley?!

( Side Note: I can't imagine how she felt when she watched the show on TV and had to listen to his ridiculously rude comments)

#3 Why do some of the guys on the show seem so familiar?

Well, thanks to US Weekly I at least have an answer to #3!

       Bachelorette Look-a-Likes

Bachelorette Star Look-Alikes!: Constantine and Josh Groban
         Constantine and Josh Groban (singer)

Bachelorette Star Look-Alikes!: Ryan P. and Matthew Morrison

           Ryan P. and Matthew Morrison (Glee)

Bachelorette Star Look-Alikes!: William and Josh Lucas

 William and Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama)

Bachelorette Star Look-Alikes!: J.P. and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
 J.P. and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock/Inception)

Bachelorette Star Look-Alikes!: Ames and Austin Nichols

       Ames and Austin Nichols (One Tree Hill)

Photos Via US Weekly


  1. OMG YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!! I absolutely agree with you. I've been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette for a LONG time now, and this is by far the worst season I've seen.

  2. I never noticed the JP/JGL connection but it's so true!!! Also, William is cuter than the celebrity (I think, anyway).

    I am so sick of hearing her talk about Bentley, it's ridiculous.

  3. So true on all of these! I am having a tough time making it through this season because Ashley is so annoying about Bentley! SHUT UP ALREADY!

    And yeah, her stylist mostly sucks! Last week's patterned jumpsuit and then the one sleeved hot pink and black dress were terrible!

  4. These are great! Ryan P and Matthew M are twins!

    I have tried to count how many times she says a "dark place."

  5. Good eye! You are totally right. I wonder if it was on purpose???

  6. I can't believe those pictures! Those are some great match ups!! I am very impressed.

  7. Just found your blog - so cute! :) Love the comparison of the bachelors..