Thursday, July 21, 2011

Las Vegas Photog

We have finally found our photographer for our Couple's Photo Shoot at the Neon Sign Museum in Vegas! The VERY talented Chelsea Nicole is going to take our photos and I couldn't be more excited!   Here are some of my favorites from Chelsea....

Mattie and Bart's Wedding | Bellagio Fountains

Laura and Billy's NYC E-Session | Central Park

Amber and Bill's Vintage Vegas Wedding | Red Rock Casino

Boneyard TTD: Christina and Randy

Amazing, Huh?  So Excited!!  The last picture is actually the Neon Sign Museum where our photo shoot will take place.  Can't wait to meet Chelsea and feel like a photogenic princess for a day!


  1. LOVE these! my sister is a professional photographer and I must admit these are ah-maz-ing! but shhh don't tell her =)

  2. Those are amazing! I've told my husband if we ever make it out to Vegas I want to visit the Neon Sign Museum!

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