Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Funnies

These videos have been floating around the blog and facebook world recently and I just can't get enough of them!  I think every girl has either said all of these things or at least has a friend that said them. Every time I watch them I  think about all the ridiculous things I say to Michael everyday.

(Lord/Mom forgive me for putting a 4-letter word on my blog)

Enjoy!  Happy Friday!

And some great spin offs....


  1. I love these videos! They are hilarious and so true!

    Thank you for sharing!

    XO -Becca

  2. I LOVE the sh*t nobody says, it is hysterical. I saw it yesterday for the first time and I cried laughing. Happy Friday pretty girl!

  3. I can't get enough of the first video... it's scary how accurate it is!!!
    I just saw the last one yesterday, so so funny.

  4. I had seen the first two and I loved them...the single girls one...I was DYING!!! Literally I think I texted everyone I know to watch them!! hahaha Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. doesn't matter how many times i've seen these I laugh every single time!

  6. These are hilarious...where do they come up with these? Have you seen sh*t fashion girls say? it is also another hysterical one... :)