Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Sweet-Tooth has struck again! In an attempt NOT to gain 500 pounds this summer I have been trying to avoid anything sugary. Well that's just not happening.

Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

Iced Banana Nut Bread

I think I need an Intervention! FAST.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

As Seen on TV Review

As requested by many of you- Here is my review of "As seen on TV" products....

The Ped Egg
BBB $9.99

This item was my first guilty pleasure that I picked up at Bed Bath and Beyond. I was really excited about getting this but creeped out by the "foot shavings" that the device held as you used it. On the commercial the lady is emptying the egg out and TONS of skin falls into the trash can. Well this scenario is Not REAL- unless you give the entire state of Vermont a Pedicure.

I think is it an ok product that would work if you had a lot of dead skin on your feet. Once you get the layer of dead skin off this tool is helpful in maintaining your smooth feet.

I tortured M the other night by holding him down and using the Ped Egg on him. With a look of fear in his eyes he asked "Um Britt- why are you running a cheese grater up and down my foot?"
Needless to say- He wasn't impressed.

As a side note they do have a Ped Egg for Men out now. It is the same idea but I guess it's "Heavy Duty" and comes in Black.

Bump It!
Sally's $9.99

This was one I was most excited for. I am quite lucky to have hair that will poof in the back but I thought that this might give me the extra umph that I wanted. It is quite tricky to fool with. It will take you a few tries, a good rat tail comb and hair spray to make you happy with this product. I like it best used when you are wearing your hair up in a pony tail. It would be great for a Halloween Costume if you were going as a Disco Girl or a Hippie.

Smooth Away
BBB $9.99

Now I must say I was NOT going to buy this product. Every time the commercial came on M would say "Hmmm, I wonder if that really works. Britt you should really try that." Implying that my legs are not smooth because I constantly FREEZE and then... well you know the rest of the story. So I was in BBB (surprise) and I said- What the Heck? I'll try it. So I got to the car, opened the box and immediately started smoothing away all my stubble. My legs felt great but I had already shaved that day. Just like the Ped Egg I think this product is good to maintain or touch up throughout the day. I think one of the worst things in the world is to get out of the shower, step on a cold floor and immediately feel your leg hair growing back!! This will help!
( Side note: sorry to all the guys reading this right now- probably a little too much information.)

So of course M wanted to play with the new toy too and tried to rub the hair off of his hand (silly boy) but luckily it didn't work. Which makes their statement of "NEVER having to shave again" WRONG. But I do like it and will carry it in my purse or bag at the lake just to touch up.

Mighty MendIt!
BBB $9.99

Oh wow the Mighty Mendit. Now I have only used this one time so far but I love it. I actually hemmed a pair of jeans with this product. I am 5'3 and can rarely find jeans that aren't too long. Well have no fear my petite friends, Mighty Mendit is here to help. I really think this is worth the $9.99. I am hoping something will break so I can use it again. Also you get a free bottle of Might Gem-it and Gems with your purchase. So if your little one likes to sparkle she can have fun too.
Lint Wizard
"As Seen on TV" store - $14.99

This is the BEST thing I have ever bought in my Life!! I am obsessed with being Lint-Free. I took a $14.99 gamble on this little baby and it was worth. The one I purchased came with a free travel size and I keep in my desk at the office. With a German Shepard running around and my obsession with wearing black I have used this to death.

So there you go... Have you all tried any As Seen on TV products that you love?? Please share!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm such a sucker!

Since I was a child I have been infatuated by infomercials. It is only a recent development that I have been buying the items from the infomercials. For instance I own.....

When I get into Bed Bath and Beyond- I can't say no. The sad thing is - I LOVE them all.

Friday, June 19, 2009

What a Giveaway!!

My Sweet Savannah is having a super giveaway- Check it out here!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long List of Thank You's

1. Thank you to Megan @ Pretty Woman and Classy Too. She was my koozie swap partner and she was GREAT!!

Here are some pictures of the little treats she sent my way! Thanks Megan!!

(I used her pictures because they turned out better than mine)

2. Thanks to Muffy Martini for hosting a FAB giveaway with Fitz and Frannie!

Not only did I win the Pink and White earrings she also sent me a pair of Blue and White to wear when I cheer on the CATS!!!

3. Thank you to everyone who commented on my Mascara dilemma. I have decided to try Perfectly Pleasant's suggestion of Colossal Volume Express Mascara.

4. Thanks to Mom and Dad for meeting me and M for dinner last night! The sugary treats were wonderful and the company was even better! Have fun on Vacation.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eye need help!

I need a good Mascara. I have tried about a million and I can't find the right one. PLEASE HELP!

Here is what I am looking for:

Dark Black
Length and Volume

Is that too much to ask for?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I have been on the road all week~ sorry for my lack of posts/comments. I promise to catch up on everyone's blogs this weekend.

Oh yeah- HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well Hello Kenny...

I had the greatest weekend courtesy of M.  What a great guy :o) 

Saturday I got to sit front row at the Sun City Carnival Tour and MEET Lady Antebellum!!!

It was awesome! M decided to stay with the "boys" at the lake so I brought my partner in crime Ashley along with me.  

We got to Louisville at 1:30pm and didn't leave until 10:30pm that night.  It was an all day event to say the least!

Here was the lineup...
Lady Antebellum
Miranda Lambert
Montgomery Gentry 
Kenny Chesney

Now for some really cool pics ....

                                                        Miranda Lambert                                                           
Front Row :o) 
Troy from Montgomery Gentry 
Eddie from Montgomery Gentry 
Jennifer from Sugarland

Christian from Sugarland

Ashely - Me 

                                                              Ashley- Sharky- Me 
Meet and Greet with Lady A
Lady A on stage 

Lucky Lady!

I am so excited!! I am one of the lucky winners of  Muffy Martini's giveaway.Publish Post I can't wait to wear my new Fitz and Frannie's super cute earrings. Thanks Muffy and FF.  To get your own pair click here