Friday, June 24, 2011

Bachlorette Blunders

I have spent most of this season of The Bachelorette just wondering....

#1  Who is Ashley's stylist and why haven't they been fired yet?!

#2 WHY can't she SHUT UP about Bentley?!

( Side Note: I can't imagine how she felt when she watched the show on TV and had to listen to his ridiculously rude comments)

#3 Why do some of the guys on the show seem so familiar?

Well, thanks to US Weekly I at least have an answer to #3!

       Bachelorette Look-a-Likes

Bachelorette Star Look-Alikes!: Constantine and Josh Groban
         Constantine and Josh Groban (singer)

Bachelorette Star Look-Alikes!: Ryan P. and Matthew Morrison

           Ryan P. and Matthew Morrison (Glee)

Bachelorette Star Look-Alikes!: William and Josh Lucas

 William and Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama)

Bachelorette Star Look-Alikes!: J.P. and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
 J.P. and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock/Inception)

Bachelorette Star Look-Alikes!: Ames and Austin Nichols

       Ames and Austin Nichols (One Tree Hill)

Photos Via US Weekly

Luxury Leopard

  Leopard print skull clutch



       Louis Vuitton  

           Brian Atwood  



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Add to Cart...

Here are some goodies that you should "Add to Your Cart".

Sam Edelman's Novato in Ruby Red $100
Super comfortable and they make your legs look AMAZING!
Purchase Here!

Also seen on this southern belle in Cork ...

Sultra Clip In Feather $25
Purchase HERE!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this clip-in feather.  You can curl and straighten it and the best part- take it out when the night is over!

I purchased "Sunkissed" and it blends perfectly with my hair.  If you want a more noticeable look you can choose "Pink Passion" or "Boho Breeze" which both have more color.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips $8.54
Purchase HERE!

Why didn't I think of this?!  I can't say enough wonderful things about the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips.  So  far I have tried 2 colors...

Raise a Glass

Glitz Blitz

I liked Glitz Blitz so much that I put them on twice in a row.  Next up is going to be...

Kitty Kitty
Salon Effects

They are seriously easy to put on (I put a new set on while sitting on the boat this weekend) and they stay on for a good week.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Postage Predicament

After my trip to the post office today I needed a drink, or a sedative or maybe just a phone call to Dad.

Since my imaginary OCD tends to flair up more these days, I took a trial wedding invitation into the post office to get weighed and double checked. I figured if I went ahead and mailed myself an invitation I would know EXACTLY what they would look like as they arrived in all of our family's mailboxes and that the postage would be adequate. 

Everything was going A-Ok- I paid my 66 cents and was content with the way it looked. Just as I  was ready to mark that controversy off my list and head to the car, I saw this ginormous ink stamp flying through the air and slamming down on my meticulously planned envelope. My eyes widened and as my boiling blood surged through my body.  The man behind the counter looked up a me with a Grinch-like smile and said "That's it."

That's it?  I stood there for a moment puzzled by the indigo ink stamp that littered my beautiful white envelope.  I cleared my throat asked him if that was whole step was necessary - (probably not the right way to ask the question) and he said "Yes. Have a nice day."  And with that, my envelope with soaring into the dingy ink stained bin.

But why? Why do you have to put a huge nasty ink stamp on my beautiful envelope with the tiny wedding cake postage stamp in the corner?

Needless to say I went into Bridezilla mode and called Dad.  Luckily for me (and everyone that crosses my path) he has this wonderful way of calming me down.  He recommended that I try some other post offices in town to see if they had a smaller postage cancellation stamp or even an invisible one.

Am I crazy?  Did anyone else have a mini-meltdown over this?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tesh Tuesday- Fast Food Restaurant Secrets!

The Secrets of Fast Food Restaurants

We’re about to let you in on the secrets of fast food restaurants. So, here are the top things you may not know about your favorite fast food place:
  • The lower the calorie count, the more money you’ll spend.  Most fast-food chains offer healthier options, like salads and fruit cups, but they’ll cost you. For example, a typical fast food “healthy” chicken sandwich costs 26% more than a burger.

  • Would you believe that if the cashier simply smiles at you, you’ll spend more?  A recent study found that an “engaged” fast-food customer spends 16% more than one who feels disengaged from the process. That’s because being treated warmly instantly makes you feel comfortable and more likely to agree to food add-ons the cashier suggests, like fries, or a bigger milkshake. That’s exactly why chains like McDonald’s train employees to be extra-friendly.

  • They’re keeping soda prices low.  Fast food placesknow unlimited refills are a big draw and they want to keep customers happy. Plus, even though soda is cheap, they make a huge profit on it!
According to the financial website, The, we're paying about 300% more than the original cost of the ingredients when we eat at a restaurant, aAnd that's true whether you're eating at Chez Snooty or Mickey D's.  At McDonald's they pay about 30 cents for a pound of French fries. If you ordered a pound of French fries, you'd be paying $6. Your medium Coke for $1.29 only has 9 cents worth of syrup in it. So even though the prices may seem cheap, the restaurant is still making a huge profit.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Museum of Me

A couple of my friends have been talking about the "Intel- Museum of Me" on Facebook.  I finally gave in and tried it today.  Is it ground breaking or earth shattering?  No. But it is a nice 3 minute distraction. Give a try!

Intel Museum of Me  (Click Here)

The Museum of Me is an application that displays information from your Facebook account as viewable "exhibits" in a virtual museum of your very own.

* You must have a Facebook account to try this.