Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tesh Tuesday- Fast Food Restaurant Secrets!

The Secrets of Fast Food Restaurants

We’re about to let you in on the secrets of fast food restaurants. So, here are the top things you may not know about your favorite fast food place:
  • The lower the calorie count, the more money you’ll spend.  Most fast-food chains offer healthier options, like salads and fruit cups, but they’ll cost you. For example, a typical fast food “healthy” chicken sandwich costs 26% more than a burger.

  • Would you believe that if the cashier simply smiles at you, you’ll spend more?  A recent study found that an “engaged” fast-food customer spends 16% more than one who feels disengaged from the process. That’s because being treated warmly instantly makes you feel comfortable and more likely to agree to food add-ons the cashier suggests, like fries, or a bigger milkshake. That’s exactly why chains like McDonald’s train employees to be extra-friendly.

  • They’re keeping soda prices low.  Fast food placesknow unlimited refills are a big draw and they want to keep customers happy. Plus, even though soda is cheap, they make a huge profit on it!
According to the financial website, The MotleyFool.com, we're paying about 300% more than the original cost of the ingredients when we eat at a restaurant, aAnd that's true whether you're eating at Chez Snooty or Mickey D's.  At McDonald's they pay about 30 cents for a pound of French fries. If you ordered a pound of French fries, you'd be paying $6. Your medium Coke for $1.29 only has 9 cents worth of syrup in it. So even though the prices may seem cheap, the restaurant is still making a huge profit.

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  1. Wow. Never would have thought that this would be true!