Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Only Q's Today...

I have only questions today... Maybe you bloggies out there have some answers.

Q: Why has it rained for the past MONTH? 
     Over the April showers fo sho!

Q: Why does it  seem to take a package even longer to arrive after you receive 
      the online tracking number? 
      Hurry UP FedEx Guy.

Q:  Why is everyone falling on Dancing with the Stars? 

Q: What was she thinking? 

Q: Why was I not invited to William and Kate's Wedding? 
     Does she not realize that time does not work with our sleep schedules? 

     Have you seen the wedding favors? Super Jealous!!! I have to have one of these scarves.


Q:  Speaking of Prince William... What the heck is his last name?  
      Or is he a one-namer like Oprah? 
Prince William Will Be King

That is all. Happy Tuesday!

Tesh Tuesday- Mailbox Mathematics

Did You Know?

Did you know there’s a formula for deciding where the US Postal Service will install a blue street mailbox? Boxes are installed in areas that average more than 25 pieces of mail a day or at intersections where there’s not another box to be found within a square mile.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eat This!

Here are some of my new low-cal Fav's from the grocery store...

Pop Tarts Mini Crisps... OMG.  I am obsessed with these little bits of heaven!  They even come pre-packaged in 100 calorie portions- Jackpot. 

100 Calories per pack 

This yogurt seems very thick when you open it but after a few good stirs it thins out.   I eat this almost everyday and have yet to grow tired of it. 

100 calories per cup 

These little shortbread cookie crisps are the perfect pick me up at 3:00 or anytime.  I usually find myself eating only a few and saving the rest for later.  

100 calories per pack 

Imagine white cheddar Cheez-Its in the shape of a bunny... BAM you have Annie's white cheddar bunnies. Oh and did I mention that they are baked and made with natural and organic ingredients, no additives or preservatives.  

140 calories for 55 bunnies 

For 20 calories you can enjoy this sweet summer treat!  Michael and I are in love with these.  I can barely keep them stocked in the freezer.  If you can't find these, Kroger has a great version (IcePix I believe) with a similar taste and calorie count. 

20 Calories per pop

Clear American Sparkling Water is just heavenly.   Unfortunately this means I have to go to the dreaded Walmart (ugh).  But at 68 cents a bottle I just can't pass these up!  Our favorite flavors are Lemon, Pineapple Coconut, Fuji Apple Pear, Mandrian Orange and White Grape! 

0 calories per bottle

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tesh Tuesday- It's the Cheesiest!

Did You Know?

Did you know nearly every ounce of Kraft macaroni and cheese spends part of its life underground? To save money, the company temporarily stores all of its cheese products inside a former limestone mine in Missouri. Today, that mine has been converted into a giant refrigerator, which covers more than 400,000 square feet!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Teen Mom" Star -- Lights, Camera, Divorce!

Leah and Corey are getting a D-I-V-O-R-C-E.   Uhhh... Who didn't see that coming?  Oh and the Teen Mom  flim crew just happened to be there to catch all the action.


Read more at TMZ.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fun- Can you guess the Celebrity

Who didn't hate their (always awkward) High School Yearbook picture?! Can you figure out who these celebs are from their high school yearbook pictures?  It's nice to know they had some really bad hair days too.  Scroll to the bottom for the answers!

Blake Lively

Taylor Lautner

Avril Lavigne

George Clooney

The Situation

Mariah Carey


Chelsea Handler

Tom Hanks

Kate Gosselin

#11 (my favorite)
Ryan Seacrest

Tina Fey

#1 Blake Lively
#2 Taylor Lautner
#3 Avril Lavigne
#4 George Clooney
#5 The Situation
#6 Mariah Carey
#7 Eminem
#8 Chelsea Handler
#9 Tom Hanks
#10 Kate Gosselin
#11 Ryan Seacrest
#12 Tina Fey

*Pictures found @ US Weekly

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tesh Tuesday- Best Time to Get Things Done!

The Best Times to Get Things Done

You don’t need more hours in the day to get everything done. You just need to know the best time to do what you need to do. Here are the best times to get things done.
  • First, exercise before 8am. Research shows that people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick to it than those who work out in the evening. That's because they’re often halfway done with their exercises before they wake up enough to talk themselves out of it. In fact, the later you wait in the day to exercise, the less likely are to do it. An added bonus: Gyms are less crowded in the morning.
  • Next, place your online orders before 9am, because early orders have a better chance of being filled and shipped the same day.
  • If you need to call customer service reps, wait until after 9am on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Just like you, customer service reps have to get their coffee in the morning before they really get rolling. If you call the moment they open, they’ll be scrambling to answer your call while dealing with messages from the night before. Just make sure you get someone on the phone before noon, because most people call during their lunch break. So why call on a Tuesday or Wednesday? Because by then, they’ll have gotten rid of the backlog from the weekend.
  • Another scheduling tip: If you’re headed to the DMV or Post Office, do it between 9am and 11am. Most people hit those places either before work or during their lunch break. By going in between, you can beat the crowds.
  • So what’s the best time for a doctor or dentist appointment? After lunch. Many doctors spend their early monrings doing hospital rounds. So, by the time they officially start seeing patients at 9am, they may already be behind schedule. They often reserve the earliest appointments for emergency patients. So, ask for the first slot after lunch because they’ll be caught up from their morning.
  • The final tip: Get tech support after 10pm. If your Internet is down or your computer’s not working, remember this: A lot of tech companies have 24-hour support, and reps are often bored in the middle of the night. If you call, they’ll be more likely to give you their undivided attention.
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Friday, April 8, 2011

And They're Off....

Today is the opening day for the 75th annual Keeneland Spring Meet.  The weather is just beautiful in Lexington and the town is buzzing with excitement.   If you have never been to Keeneland you must put it on your bucket list!!  Here is my suggestion for a perfect "day at the track"outfit.  

Milly shirt dress
465 EUR - stylebop.com

Yves Saint Laurent sandals high heels
$995 - cultstatus.com.au

Tory burch handbag
$435 - nordstrom.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors bracelet watch
$250 - bloomingdales.com

J Crew glass drop earring
$45 - jcrew.com

Knot ring
$58 - fredflare.com