Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Louisville through my Lens

While I was in Louisville last week I took some pictures as I was walking through downtown.

Here is my photo journey...
Beginning of a Louisville Slugger

Next comes the Branding 

Such a neat thing to see in person. The Biggest Bat I have ever seen :o) 

Our office in Louisville! 


Heading to Bowling Green in the morning... wonder what fun pictures I can take there? 


  1. Oh what fun!? Looking forward to the pictures of BG! Xoxo-BLC

  2. How fun! Do they do tours of the factory?

  3. Fun!! Looks like we're swap partners for BLC's Koozie Swap, yay! My email is mwbsweeters@gmail.com ...I'll email you later and get more details!

  4. Louisville is such a great city! Haven't been there in years!

  5. looks like a fun place to visit!! :)

  6. Love your Blog and I've always said that KY is a BEAUTIFUL state... Have family there!! I have a goldendoodle named annie and she got her "spring" do back in March... she's due again! But today she just got a bath b/c she got all muddy playing in the rain!!LOL

  7. Just foudn your blog and I am freaking looooving it!!!

  8. Between reading your blog, watching Southern Belles Louisville on Soapnet AND hearing my friend rave about her first Derby visit this year, I think I'm ready to move to Kentucky!!