Thursday, August 6, 2009


I can't believe how bad people freaked out about Twitter being down today!

A report from CNN stated that-

"Thursday's incident highlights the degree to which people depend on online social networks to feel connected to the world.

Some Twitter and Facebook users expressed near-panic that the sites were not working properly."

Really? It's okay. It's only 140 Characters. Go back to work.


  1. I had no idea that it was even down. How funny!

  2. hahahaha... i couldnt understand why it wasnt working...but i didnt freak out! lol so funny though, and very true

  3. LOL, oh my gosh....pathetic people!

  4. I'm definitely not on the twitter train. I can't believe it was reported on the news channels!

  5. I don't get Twitter. Speaking of "twittering" and reading people's status, I thought you would appreciate what I put on my Facebook yesterday: "Christin wishes people would stop expressing their political views via Facebook, especially when most of them wouldn't be able to carry on an intelligent, informed discussion of politics and health reform in the first place. Stick to updating your friends on important topics like what you're eating for lunch, how much you love your boyfriend, and how excited you are for the weekend. Thanks in advance." :) Have a great weekend!