Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tesh Tuesday - Improve your Google (easy search tips)

Do you Google? You may have mastered a few basic tricks, like searching for a local restaurant, or looking up the closest Wal*Mart, but most people use only about 3% of the search engine’s available tools. So, here’s a lesson in Google Search Tricks 101, courtesy of the tech website LifeHacker.org:

  • First, wanna know what time it is in, say, Paris, or Lima, Peru? In the search box, simply type “what time is it” and the name of the city.
  • Next, wanna know if Uncle Mike’s flight is arriving on time? Just type the name of the airline and the flight number, and you’ll get the departure and estimated arrival times.
  • Would you like to track a package? In the search box, simply type in the tracking number and press ENTER. Whether it’s a package that was shipped via FedEx, UPS or the Post Office, Google will cough up the tracking information.
  • Another great Google trick: It converts everything! If you want the number of teaspoons in a cup, the number of seconds in 2 hours, or how many Euros you’ll get for $50, just type it in and bingo, there it is!
  • Want information on a product? Type ALL of the numbers beneath any barcode – whether it’s on a book, a box of crackers, or a bottle of hairspray - and Google will provide links so you can research the product, or buy it.
  • To narrow your search results, you can subtract items from the list. For example, if you’re looking for candy that’s not chocolate and not for Easter, type in candy (space) (minus-sign) chocolate (space)(minus-sign) Easter and the search engine will overlook anything that refers to “chocolate” or “Easter.”
  • Finally, if you’re looking for pictures or drawings, click on “Images” in the upper left corner of the Google search page. Then type the word “people” or “sunsets” or “puppies” in the search box. Instead of websites, you’ll get pictures.
Now you can fully harness the power of Google!


  1. I am the worst Googler ever. My roomie makes fun of me all the time! Thanks for the info...

  2. Great tips and some of these I do, but others I didn't know about. I like using the UPC bar code one. Thanks!

  3. Great tips!! Love your blog and love that you are in Kentucky!! Following along and can't wait to read more!