Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tesh Wednesday - Top 10 Passwords

Here are the Top 10 most used passwords...

#1 Most common is “password”.

#2 “1-2-3”.

#3 Chicago. Or any other city name. If it’s your home town or the city you live in, it’s too common.

#4 “Let Me In”.

#5 1-2-3-4-5

#6 Qwerty. What’s that? Look down at your keyboard. It’s the first six letters on the top row.

#7 Charlie – or whatever your name is.

#8 on the list: Raiders, Steelers, Red Sox, Dodgers, Maple Leafs, or Oilers. Basically, don’t use the name of your favorite sports team.

#9 your birth date

#10 your kids’ names

If any of these apply to you... Change your password. Better safe than sorry.


  1. This is a neat post! I used to have "password" as my password on my computer here at work, you have to change it every so many months so after awhile I couldn't come up with anything creative! The Qwerty one is neat, I would have never thought about that!

  2. So funny! My old roomies used to call each other Qwerty...I have no idea how it started! But, cracks me up!

  3. AH! too funny....interesting post hun!!
    i'm glad to say my passwords are NONE of these!

  4. That is scary about people would do that. Heck, I even do mine in other languages sometimes!