Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do you have any questions?.... Tesh Tuesday

When it comes to job interviews, most people are prepared to answer questions, but not ask them. If the interviewer asks if you have any questions, don’t say “no,” because that translates to “No, I’m not interested in this job.” So, here are the five questions you’ll want to ask the interviewer, courtesy of ABC News.

  • Why is this position available? Knowing why the job is open gives you insight into the nature of the job. Maybe it’s a new position or because the company is growing, or because somebody was promoted from within. These are all positive signs. If it’s because the last person “wasn’t a fit”, then be on guard. You don’t want to start a new job only to find out you’ll have to look for another one because your new boss is impossible to please.

  • What’s the company culture like? That means the vibe, the atmosphere, the values – and what’s it like to be there every day. Enterprise-Rent-A-Car hiring manager Pam Webster says that asking about the company’s culture shows you’re checking to see whether you’d be a good fit for their team. For example - if the company culture is stiff, and you’re a free-spirit, it’s probably not a good fit for either of you.

  • If you could change one thing about the company, what would it be? It’s a polite way of discovering what’s wrong with the job. For instance, they could say "I'd change the hours. Everyone works ‘til 8 p.m. and it's exhausting.” You need to know that before you accept the job.

  • How are candidates evaluated? Every company has a different method of evaluating performance, whether it’s by sales numbers, performance reviews or customer satisfaction. By asking what their method is, you’re showing that success at their company is important to you.

  • What’s the next step? Nothing’s worse than leaving an interview and wondering “Wait, am I supposed to call them or are they going to call me?” That way, you’ll manage your expectations and won’t be left hanging.


  1. good questions, thanks for the tip!

  2. Such good advice! I recently did a series of interviews and was amazed (shocked?) to see how many people said "No" when I asked them if they had questions. But then, I had 2 people sit through an interview with sunglasses on their head as well...what the heck people?! haha