Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poncho Problem

I have been nothing short of obsessed with this stupid poncho. Every time this commercial comes on I scream, then throw whatever I'm holding at the TV because I want the darn thing so bad.

The problem- I do not live anywhere near H&M and they are SOLD OUT everywhere. (Or so I thought)

Unbeknownst to me they just put a H&M in my hometown mall (1 hour away). As I was scouring the H&M website I saw the name of my hometown. I immediately called up there and the sweet sales boy informed me they had one black poncho left on the mannequin and he could hold it for me until I arrived. YES - Sweet Victory.

I also picked up a GREAT vest and cardigan while I was there! (pics to follow)

After my shopping excursion, I ran in the house held it up and Michael just stared.

I said "LOOK- I got it! Can you believe it?"

He said - "Oh yeah, that thing you've been screaming about."

That thing?! Really?


  1. SO FUNNY BC i have been looking for that dang thing too! wonder if your store could ship it to me if i ordered over the phone???? i found some on ebay, but they are selling for 60 dollars a pop.

  2. Such a great poncho! I'm so glad you were able to find it, and just an hour away!!! How perfect.

  3. Perfect luck! I'm kinda obsessed with vests right now- I wanna see whatcha got! :)

  4. I love this story! boys just do not get it!

  5. Megan-
    It was the LAST one. I looked on Ebay too before I found one in the store. Can you believe how much they are selling for? I saw one for $80.00!

  6. He sounds like SUCH a boy! "that thing" haha FYI, if ever you "need" an H&M item again that you can't find--there's an H&M where I used to live in Connecticut. My bff there would totally hook you up if need be, because it is next door to her fav shopping ground NY&Co :)

  7. OH NO HE DIDNT! haha I am glad you finally got it!! It is super cute!!