Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tar-Jay on Tesh Tuesday

Attention, Target shoppers! You can score some great steals, but know this, not everything is a deal. We’ve got the latest intel from Yahoo Finance on what you want to put on, and leave off your shopping list.

First, here’s what to leave off your list:

  • Furniture: Kathryn Finney of the website Budget Fashionista says you can get comparable quality for less from Ikea. Ikea’s bookshelves, chairs, and kitchen tables tend to offer better value than those at Target.
  • Movies and Music, Target can’t beat Amazon or WalMart. For example, a Katy Perry CD at Target costs $14, which is $4 more than what WalMart charges for the exact same CD.

Here’s what experts say you want to add to your next Target shopping trip:

  • The Kindle. Most e-readers are only available online, but Target is the only national brick-and-mortar retailer to carry it, and for the same online price. Even better: shopping for the Kindle in person means you can play around with a test model, and have an employee walk you through it before you shell out your money.
  • Green cleaning products. Target stocks more green cleaning products than any other big-box store. They also carry niche brands of natural cleaning products and hard-to-find, green versions of mainstream products like Tide Coldwater Free.
  • Groceries. They’re rolling out an expanded grocery section as part of their effort to bounce back from the recession. Experts say they have 70% of the things you’d find in a full grocery store, and the prices are 20% cheaper. You can save even more money when you sign up on Target’s weekly coupon site. You simply go to Target.com and check off which coupons you’d like to receive, and every time your favorite brand of cereal or make-up goes on sale, you get an email or text message alert.

I'll admit it. I have a problem. I could go to Target everyday and find something that I "NEED". There should be a Tar-Jay Anonymous Program.


  1. Seriously, Target's grocery section is the bomb. They have it by my home but not in my college town. It's killing me!

  2. I never had a Target till I moved to Lexington for college. Now I refuse to live anywhere without a Target. I seriously put it on my list of criteria when my husband got out of the navy and was looking for jobs, LOL. Lucky for me, we came back to Lexington! haha

  3. When you find that Tar-Jay group counseling in our neck of the woods will you be so kind to email a girlfriend?! haha I was just there on Sunday...I literally ROAM every isle....tires and all haha