Thursday, October 14, 2010


This clip will make you never want to watch The View again (assuming that you didn't stop watching years ago). Whoopi and Joy walk off the set of their own TV show during a heated interview with Bill O'Reilly.  How class-less can you get? Way to be narrow minded and disrespectful to your guests.


  1. I agree it was highly disrespectful to walk off. However, when Bill said "Muslims killed us on 9/11," that is a million times more narrow-minded. I must admit they keep it intresting!!!

  2. This is not a show I watch.. frankly listening to a bunch of women interrupt and talk over each other is NOT my cup of tea. AND, while I do not share the opinions of Bill O'Reilly I do believe is the most rational and well-spoken of all the FOX news cronies. That said, I can see why the women got all flustered and walked out.. he was basically talking down to them the whole time: "LISTEN TO ME BECAUSE YOU'LL LEARN" = Pompous and RUDE. They were all rude to each other. Indicative of bigger picture problem in the US... no real dialogue or conversation, just people shouting their talking points louder than the OTHER.

  3. The men responsible for 9/11 were terrorists who in no way represented any organized religion other than their own sick agenda. Those men were misguided and brain washed, much like Bill O'Reilly. I find it so sad that of all the bigger lessons to be learned from the ridiculous exchange on this vacuous show, your only concern is whether or no Bill O'Reilly was disrespected. Really?