Monday, October 18, 2010

Follow up to D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T

So I received this Anonymous comment over the weekend in regards to my post

Anonymous said...
The men responsible for 9/11 were terrorists who in no way represented any organized religion other than their own sick agenda. Those men were misguided and brain washed, much like Bill O'Reilly. I find it so sad that of all the bigger lessons to be learned from the ridiculous exchange on this vacuous show, your only concern is whether or no Bill O'Reilly was disrespected. Really?

And I say Yes.  Really.  I stand behind my point that it was RUDE for the two ladies to walk off stage.  I never said I agreed or disagreed with Bill's comments.   I simply said "How class-less can you get? Way to be narrow minded and disrespectful to your guests."  

Let me further clarify before you fire back another "anonymous" comment.  I used narrow minded because Joy and Whoopi spend SO much time talking over each other, the other co-hosts and their guests, that the moment someone says something they disagree with they dismiss it.  The adult thing to do would be to remain on stage and "take a stand" by explaining their point.  Instead they chose to disrespectfully storm off the stage like children who were just told they can't stay up late to watch a scary movie.  

I will agree with Bill when he said... "listen to me because you'll learn."  They should listen to their guests.  It's their job.  Do they have to agree with them? NO.  But they should be able to hold their tongues long enough so their invited guest has a chance to speak. Barbara wasn't happy with Bill's comments but had enough cooth to stay. 

Would you invite someone to your house for dinner and after the main course walk out the door because they upset you? How about pick someone up in your car and decide to just jump out of the drivers seat at the next red light?  Maybe it is polite to take someone on vacation and on day 2 leave them at the hotel and never look back.  Are these comparisons silly? Yes.  Am I trying to make a point? Yes.  When you invite someone to do something they are your guest.  You should respect them.  Joy and Whoopi did not.  

If you can't see that- then we'll have to agree to disagree.  But I find it "so sad" that you think it is okay to walk away from a situation when your point isn't only one being considered.  If you don't like it- take your anonymous comments somewhere else.  


  1. Go Britt! You tell em' girl... personally I think people who comment "anonymously" are such cowards!!! I stand behind your post 100 percent and could not agree more!

  2. Glad you said is one thing to have an opinion and another to hide behind an over the top comment.

  3. Well said! :) And I'm not the anonymous-er that posted before, I just don't have a blog!

  4. ugh. that is why i dont watch the view..they have no respect for other peopls opinions. I watched the clip , and barbara was spot on when she said..this is exactly what should not have happened.