Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tesh Tuesday- What a MESS!

Here's What Your Mess Means

Everyone is messy in some aspect of their life, even neat freaks. Here’s what your mess means.
  • A messy closet means you’re nostalgic. Experts say your out-of-control closet doesn’t mean that you’re a pig. You’re just trying to hold on to your past. The fix: Don’t put pressure on yourself to empty out the closet during a quick cleaning session. Instead, take the time to go through the items carefully, and identify what you need to keep, and what you can part with.
  • If your desk is messy, it means you’re creative. That’s because messiness tends to juxtapose things that don’t normally go together. The fix: Set up a filing system, and spend the last 15 minutes of every day organizing your piles and clutter into that system.
  • If your sock drawer is a mess, it means you’re structured and detail-oriented. Shocking, huh? Research shows that normally neat people have the most chaotic sock drawers. One theory is that as long as everything else is together, you don’t mind a hidden mess. The fix: Bring in smaller containers to break up the drawer.


  1. very interesting. i am in fact all of these. :)

  2. "If your desk is messy, it means you’re creative."
    Ahhh do you know how much better this makes me feel?! Heck yeah :) My desk is a disaster. In fact, when I first saw this picture, it scared me. I'm afraid I'll look like that eventually, ha