Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lip Service

I have been having Lipstick issues lately.  It seems that when I find one that I love (and actually looks good on me) they discontinue it!!   That just burns my biscuits.  So I spent what seemed like an eternity in Sephora trying to find a new hue.  3 different people tried to help me but I was being picky.  They were choosing colors they liked and not what looked good on ME.  As I looked down at my phone and saw the time,  I realized "Hey it's Lipstick- Pick one".  So I did- I went with Dior's  Beige Rita.

No No Not a bright Red - but a beautiful nude shade.

Sorry for the awkward close-up :o) 
Oh the Joys of being a girl! 


  1. That just burns my biscuits - oh my, that is so funny! I'm still laughing :) xoxo