Monday, May 4, 2009


So- I like to shop. There I said it. It's really no secret.  My mom and I lived at the mall since I came into this world.  But I must say I don't go over board.  

Lately, I have discovered how wonderful online shopping is (which brought this whole conversation on).  Browse, click and check the mailbox (everyday).  I don't even have to put make up on.  

Why do I feel guilty or the need to explain myself when I buy something? Last night I assured M 5 times that I was saving my money and really only buying things that were on sale! I kept repeating it over and over and he looked at me and said "Britt, it's fine- it's your money."  But that wasn't enough- I wanted him to really know that I wasn't just blowing my hard-earned money on another dress or purse or bathing suit cover-up.  I wanted him to know that I am not some crazy Shopaholic! (probably shouldn't have gone to see that movie together)

Why do we feel the need to sneak our bags into the house or secretly run to the mall at lunch? Do you all feel like this too? 


  1. Yes, I absolutely do and we really shouldn't feel that way! :) Your blog is too cute and thanks for entering my first giveaway! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, yes! I totally do! Even when it was a purchase that will benefit everyone in my household, I still justify like crazy to my husband.

    Love your blog, btw:)

  3. Check out my most recent post - there is a little surprise for you :) So glad I came across your blog, it's fabulous! And I also added a follow button to my blog this afternoon - follow me so I don't look so sad with only 2! haha Thanks too for the ring shot compliment!

  4. I am a sneaker too! I used to always wait until my parents fell asleep and then go to the car to get my new purchases out! But they caught on when they kept seeing me in new things...even today I always sneak my stuff in using my school tote or something so the bf doesn't know about it!!!

  5. I just got back from a mini vacay in Tampa where I did some serious shopping damage...and when I got home all I could think was, thank GOD the boyfriend is on a business trip so he can't witness the parade of shopping bags come through the door!

  6. What a great topic! There is actually a small collection of bags in the kitchen. Really small, honest. And they will probably still be there when TSU (The Spousal Unit) returns home in a little bit.

    But we totally understand the guilt and the whole drill. "Been there, done that" as they say, and it has taken a lot of years to get to this point!

    Have a stellar week!

  7. Britt- Girlfriend, you think you sneak now, just wait until matrimony. Never forget, what's his is mine, and what's mine is mine : )

  8. Uh... M reads this blog too. :)

  9. More than you know. It got so bad at one point that I contemplated asking my neighbors if I could have the package delivered to their house...