Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wish List

Here is my animal wish list. I am putting in an advance order to Santa Clause.

(Otis, if you are reading this- I love you buddy. I would never want to replace you or hurt your feelings. You might get a long with some of these better than others. I am sure Santa will take that into consideration.)

If you are wondering who Otis is -Scroll down and see his picture on the right. He's awesome.

First up we have a Morkie. A Maltese and Yorkie mix. Look how sweet that face is. But this little pup might not be able to hang with a German Shepard.
(Cue Michael Jackson's "Wanna be starting somethin")

Next is a beautiful Persian Cat. Something I have longed for since I was a child. This would be a high maintenance commitment! But if I got cold in the winter I could use him as an extra blanket. Also concerned that hairballs would be the death of us all.
Ah the Mini Horse. I have been asking for one since Easter. Michael and I were on the way to my grandparents and we drove past the cutest little one. I was obsessed immediately and started picking out names. This little horse would be perfect as a companion for Otis- Same size same color. I can just see them frolicking in the back yard.

If this little piggy doesn't warm
your heart I don't think anything could. I mean just look at this guy- He has on RAIN BOOTS. He could play in the mud all day and then slip his boots off when he came in. Not really seeing an issue with this one minus the "after they go to the bathroom" smell.

A Ducky- Come on! How hard would this be to take care of? He could hang out in the sink or bath tub all day and would be a hit at the lake. Speaking of the lake I try to catch one every
weekend but our friends make too much noise and scare them off. Can't you just see this duck riding around on Otis' back- Quack Quack!

And finally- Mr. Hippo. I couldn't even get the words out of my mouth before Michael nixed this idea. He said "Britt, did you know that Hippos kill more people than alligators do each year?!" In which I replied- " I guess that's why they named that game Hungry Hungry Hippos". I think space might be an issue here.

Overall - I think I shall be faithful to Otis. I love him- couldn't ask for a better dog BUT if one of these animals came wondering into the house I wouldn't turn them away :o)


  1. mini horse reminds me of that show rob and big...hippo could be fun too!

  2. I have a Yorkiepoo that looks ALOT like that Morkie!!! Soo cute! You should definitely get one someday!

  3. I want one of each tooooooo! Xoxo-BLC

  4. Hahaha too cute! I'll share the responsibilities of any of these animals with you!

  5. I could add a hippo to my family of angoras (bunnies). also a mini horse and the piggy. Love them all!

  6. I just found your blog and I think it's great... Not to crazy about ducks only because when I was little girl they would chase me at the park. But would have all the others!!!