Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Excuse me sir... The President is on phone.

Today President Obama made a very special phone call to
the University of Kentucky Men's Basketball team.
He called to thank and congratulate them on their success
with Hoops for Haiti, a telethon put together by Coach Cal.
The event raised over $1 million for the Haitian people.

A dinner for 6 guests and Ashley Judd at Coach Cal's house
raked in over $100,000 on EBAY. It is great to see the
basketball team being successful on and off the court. Go Cats!!

Below is a picture Coach Cal tweeted of him and the team talking
on the phone with the President.
Here is what the other end of that phone call looked like...
President Obama with KY Congressman Ben Chandler.

* Both Pics were tweeted by Coach Cal


  1. I'm still a Cal-hater, bitter Tiger fan here, but they raised alot of money and that's awesome!!!!

  2. How very cool! Way to go Cats!

  3. Great job Kentucky on coming up with that fundraising idea! Haiti could really use every dollar that was raised. Recovering from a catastrophic event like the earthquake will take several months, if not years.

  4. Bahaha your post about how girls see the superbowl was dead on! Hope you're well! xoe