Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tesh Tuesday- Lose it!

According to Dr. Oz the obesity epidemic has reached biblical proportions, so he's come up with his own commandments for losing weight.

  • First commandment: Thou Shalt Not Wear Stretchy-Pants. Dr. Oz says, when you can't zip your jeans, that's one of the first signs you've gained too much weight. However, if you're wearing elastic waist sweat pants, you'll never know when your pants are getting too tight - so it'll take you longer to figure out you've put on weight.

  • Thou Shalt Not Keep Fat Clothes in Your Closet. If you keep the fat clothes, it gives you a Plan B in case you gain back all the weight you lost. So deep-six the fat pants and force yourself to maintain your weight or pay the price by having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

  • Thou Shalt Not Eat Meat That Walks on Four Legs More Than Once a Week. That meat will be higher in saturated fat than the meat that comes from two-legged or no-legged animals. To be specific, beef and pork have far more saturated fat than chicken, turkey or fish. Research says people who eat too much red meat have higher cancer rates and are 50 percent more likely to die of heart disease.

  • Thou Shalt Not Graze! The calories you consume standing with the refrigerator door open DO count. Plan your meals or you’ll end up making impulsive food choices instead of smart ones.

  • Thou Shalt Not Eat After 7:30 p.m. Late night snacks are usually high in calories and consumed in front of the T.V., which leads to mindless eating. Stop the snacking and you could cut out 120 calories a day. That's equal to about 12 pounds of weight loss per year!

  • Thou Shalt Not Carry Small Bills. Why? The vending machine. No one's going to break a 20 just to buy some junk food.

  • Thou Shalt Not Pile Food More Than One Inch High or Within Two Inches of the Plate Edge. It's all about portion control. No matter how much is on your plate, you’ll eat 95% of it. So put less on your plate to eat less.


  1. Great commandments! I'll have to try them. Have a great day! xoxo.

  2. these are great!! i love reading posts about being healthy, it all helps!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I am trying to lose weight after my recent vacation--ugh!