Thursday, May 27, 2010

Game On!

Was anyone addicted to Tetris when they were little? Gosh, I can remember sitting in front of the TV for hours trying to beat my mom and dad just once.

(Of course the Nintendo would eventually freeze up and you would have to take the game out and blow in the end of it ...Did that really fix the game or was it all in our head?)

Thanks to - You can play online. There are tons of games- some old, some new. Click here for Tetris and here for the rest of the games.


  1. I still love playing Tetris...but oh my, it can be addicting. I usually go to but will have to try this one out too ;)

  2. I loved it when I was a kid! My brother and I would play our game boys on road trips and we could hook them up so when you got rid of 4 or 5 lines at a time they went to your partner. It was so fun!