Thursday, June 16, 2011

Postage Predicament

After my trip to the post office today I needed a drink, or a sedative or maybe just a phone call to Dad.

Since my imaginary OCD tends to flair up more these days, I took a trial wedding invitation into the post office to get weighed and double checked. I figured if I went ahead and mailed myself an invitation I would know EXACTLY what they would look like as they arrived in all of our family's mailboxes and that the postage would be adequate. 

Everything was going A-Ok- I paid my 66 cents and was content with the way it looked. Just as I  was ready to mark that controversy off my list and head to the car, I saw this ginormous ink stamp flying through the air and slamming down on my meticulously planned envelope. My eyes widened and as my boiling blood surged through my body.  The man behind the counter looked up a me with a Grinch-like smile and said "That's it."

That's it?  I stood there for a moment puzzled by the indigo ink stamp that littered my beautiful white envelope.  I cleared my throat asked him if that was whole step was necessary - (probably not the right way to ask the question) and he said "Yes. Have a nice day."  And with that, my envelope with soaring into the dingy ink stained bin.

But why? Why do you have to put a huge nasty ink stamp on my beautiful envelope with the tiny wedding cake postage stamp in the corner?

Needless to say I went into Bridezilla mode and called Dad.  Luckily for me (and everyone that crosses my path) he has this wonderful way of calming me down.  He recommended that I try some other post offices in town to see if they had a smaller postage cancellation stamp or even an invisible one.

Am I crazy?  Did anyone else have a mini-meltdown over this?


  1. It's been too long, so I don't remember, but I think I'd have flipped out too. Clearly, the guy had to know what you were doing (mailing, at least). It's almost like he did that just to push your buttons. "Hmm, homegirl blondey here spent all this time and energy and money on her invites, I'm just going to ruin her day."
    I know it is an over-generalization probably, but WHY are postal workers so unhappy!?

  2. Do make sure that whenever you take the entire bunch, you ask for them to be hand cancelled - otherwise they get run through a machine that puts an even more unattractive stamp across the envelope! :(