Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can I take your Pic-cha? Camera Help!

Okay bloggy friends... I need some suggestions for a good camera.  One of the biggest events of my adult life is merely days away and I want to make sure I capture all the fun leading up to it!

Here is a list of things I want out of my new camera:

  • Easy to Use
  • Small/Purse appropriate 
  • Decent zoom/megapixel 
  • Built in Red Eye Reducer
  • No hassle uploads to my Mac 
  • Takes great Day & Night pics 
  • Takes clear vivid pictures
Here are some suggestions I have already received from friends...

Nikon S6100

Nikon S3100

Canon SD1400 

Any recommendations? 


  1. I had the Nikon and hated it. I now have the Canon and LOVE it...Good luck!

  2. I have the Canon and if I can use it, anyone can. TRUST ME!

  3. I have a big cannon and love it. I like Nikon brands though but I've heard cannon is easier to use!? Let us know which you pick!!

  4. There is no difference between a Nikon or a Cannon being better. Contrary to deception, it's just something that floats around in rumorville. :) I have own both cannon point and shoot and Nikon. Both take exceptional pictures and upload easily. I would recommend the Nikon CoolPix That's the last point and shoot I owned till I changed over to the DSLR (big professional camera) Really you can't go wrong! Oh and remember! megapixel has NOTHING to do with the quality of picture, it only has to do with how big you can blow a print up ( a lot of camera buyers get deceived by this)

  5. i have the canon sd1400 is and love it! it can color swap, red eye reduction, hd video and all kinds of other things (and i have a mac-its totally compatible) happy shopping =)

  6. I know you said purse size, but I LOVE my DSLR, best purchase ever. But I've always been a Cannon girl. I would pay close attention to the megapixel count and zoom, can be noticeable when you print pictures.

  7. I've got the Canon SD1400 and love love it! Just found your blog! sooooo cute. love it.